Guinea Pig Rehome collates details of guinea pigs looking for homes through the UK. We don't have a centre or facilities to house guinea pigs. Our aim is to put potential adopters in contact with those currently caring for guinea pigs in need of homes. We hope to raise awareness of the many guinea pigs waiting for permanent loving homes.

The site was launched one year after its sister site Rabbit Rehome, to celebrate and expand on its success. During its first year over 70 rabbits were rehomed after being seen on the Rabbit Rehome website and many rescues benefited from the extra publicity for their appeals and work.

The guinea pigs you'll find here are from all around the UK. Many are in rescues and some are being rehomed by their current owners. If your looking for a guinea pig to adopt you can search our database, read the appeals or find a rescue in your area.

We are not organising 'adoptions online' you will need to contact the rescue centre to find out about their homing policy or the individual rehoming their guinea pig.

Whilst Guinea Pig Rehome has nothing against responsible breeders, this site is not intended for breeders to advertise deliberately breed litters or for breeders to find 'stock'. The guinea pigs here are looking for loving homes as pets. If you are unsure whether you come into this category please email your circumstances.

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Guinea Pig Rehome is a sister site to Rabbit Rehome.

If you have anything to contribute to these pages, or would like to make suggestions or comments please contact us.