There are many different types of bedding available.

Wipe around the cage with an animals safe disinfectant (Trigene is a good one). Line your cage with a thick layer of newspaper and cover with…

• Wood Shavings- widely used bedding though the use of shavings has been linked to skin, breathing and eye problems.

• Paper products- paper based beddings such as carefresh, and megazorb (a horse bedding available from agricultural suppliers) are safe and absorbent.

• Hemp- Aubiose is a hemp bedding that is growing in popularity. It’s a horse bedding sold in bales from equine/agricultural suppliers. Dust free and absorbent.

• Vet Bed- Fleecey bedding that draws moisture away from the surface to news paper underneath. Makes cleaning out into brushing of fleece and washing. Needs regular washing.

• Chopped softened straw (not regular straw which could cause poke injuries).

• A thick layer of Hay and paper.

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