Going away on holiday and need someone to care for your guinea pig? Below are are list of Boarders.

Please remember we haven't checked all the advertisers, make sure you visit and check the facilities your pet will be staying in.

East Hunsbury, Northampton
Telephone Number:01604 877220
Mobile Number: 07725489595

Website: www.littlebadgerspetcare.com

Email: debbiepostles@gmail.com

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hotel

Luton, near Luton Airport
Telephone Number 07970 115670

Email: bedsforbucks@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.bedsforbucks.com

Hutches Small Animal Boarding & Rescue

Owner Joanne Lockley

Pitnacree House
Johnshill Road
PH11 8DX
Telephone Number 01828 633060

Email: kenneth.lockley@tesco.net

Furry Friends Holiday Boarding

For Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rats, Hamsters etc.

Rotherham area of South Yorkshire. Open all year round.

Email: dearnecavyrescue@hotmail.com

Billy Blue Hat Holiday Boarding

Guinea Pig and Rabbit Boarding Hotel

For the home from home care you require for your family pets

We are based in Gloucester within easy access to Cheltenham, Birmingham, Bristol and surrounding areas.

We also have the facilities to board your hamster or gerbil

For more detailed information please phone 01452 550755 or visit our website www.billybluehat.co.uk or e-mail holidays@billybluehat.co.uk


(member of the National Association of Registered Petsitters)


Animal Ark Rabbit & Guinea-Pig Re-Homing Centre

(All rabbits are required to have been vacc against myxo at least two weeks prior to boarding)

Tel: 01463 793971 email: Ggrants44cd@aol.com


Holiday Boarding for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs in The North East/Co. Durham/Cleveland

A holiday centre that will care for your Rabbit/s while you are away on holiday.
Care also given if you have any special needs for your Rabbit.
Hutches and Runs provided.

Vaccinations against VHD and Myxomatosis are needed for boarding.

Reasonable Rates.

For further details contact Jane on (01325) 460506 or email a.chloe@ntlworld.com


Bunny and Guinea Pig Boarding
at The Bunny Camp Sanctuary in Bradford

Please contact 01274 821665 for details or email bunnycampsan@talk21.com.


Rabbit and Guinea Pig boarding provided by animal-loving family who have lots of experience with both rabbits and guinea pigs.

We are based in Kent and will look after your rabbit or guinea pig whilst you enjoy your holiday. Reasonable rates.

Please contact Penny Colson on 01689 854157 for details or email pennyc@ssss.co.uk.


(Run by experienced rabbit owner/rabbit rescue foster carer
located near Stockport, Manchester)

Rate: £2 a day per rabbit (bonded pairs £3)
Tel: Karen on 07759-028872
E-mail: bunny.boarding@virgin.net
Website: http://mysite.freeserve.com/bunny_boarding

Vaccinations against Myxomatosis and VHD are essential.
Nail clipping service available.


Do you need an experienced rabbit & guinea pig carer while you are away from home?

Member of the Rabbit Welfare Association offers top notch indoor & outdoor boarding, local to Heathrow, with easy access from M4, M25 & M40.

To reserve a space: tel 020 8745 7072 or email bunnymad@talk21.com

Independent rabbit & guinea pig boarder in fundraising support of Bobtails Rescue.


Bunny Boarding

Guinea’s and hamsters welcome too!

I have experience with rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, and am a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association.

Bunnies and guineas will need to bring their own accommodation, and can be kept indoors or out with an enclosed garden to run in.

I am at home all week and available to give all animals individual love, care and attention. Accommodation can be viewed in advance.

Reasonable rates- £1.50 per day for first rabbit, £1 day for second +.

Based on the outskirts of North Leicester.

Contact Fenella at lifewithrabbits@ntlworld.com
or 0116 223 6917

More holiday boarding facilities are available at Find Guinea Pig Boarding

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