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The hansom bunny on the left is Sir Parsley Button, the one responsible for Bobtails rescue and re-homing work. In his own words...

"Bobtails came about because I was such a good rabbit to own and they loved me so much, god this is sickening isn't it, ok!, let's get this bit out of the way, they loved me, thought us rabbits got a bad deal in life, pets that get thrown out when the kids get fed up with them and all that sort of thing, so they decided to do something about it. They also happened to be in the right place at the right time (fate!!!) to rescue some baby rabbits that were in trouble because their mother had been shot, they were able to save two of them, and they grew strong enough to be released back into the wild.

They always wanted to help animals but didn't have the space to work with wild animals, so that's how their motto was formed, "we can't do what we want, so we will do what we can", pretty cool eh! So now they are doing what they can and helping us smaller animals to be appreciated and have a better life with people who know what we are about. But if some of us cannot be re-homed for whatever reason, you know, homicidal bunnies that go for the throat or ankles, (those of you that remember Monty Python will understand) or those of us that have special needs, like regular teeth trimming and eye problems, well, they say that we can live out our natural lives with them, that's not bad is it."

We always have a large number of rabbits and guinea pigs looking for kind loving homes, they end up at Bobtails for many different reasons, some are strays, others are just abandoned, often dumped in boxes or even left behind when people move. But the majority are just unwanted pets, originally bought for children, and when the novelty has worn off, no-one else has the interest or time to care for them, so please think carefully when considering a rabbit as a children's pet, they are not "cheap, easy, low maintenance" pets, as some people will tell you, a rabbit needs lots of space, regular cleaning and company, preferably from another rabbit. If adopting a rabbit for a child, mum or dad must be prepared to take responsibility when interest is lost or bunny becomes too difficult to handle.

We try wherever possible to neuter and vaccinate all our rabbits before they leave, and strongly advise new owners to consider neutering when we re-home babies, vaccinations should of course be given annually, or 6 monthly if you live in a high risk area.

Rabbits love company! They are social animals and really should not be kept alone unless you are with them a lot of the time.

We do not recommend keeping rabbits and guinea pigs housed together, sometimes it does work, but we have had many animals brought into Bobtails with often serious injuries (usually the guinea pigs) inflicted by an amorous or frustrated rabbit, even an accidental kick can kill a guinea pig. The best pairing is "rabbit with rabbit", and "guinea pig with guinea pig".

We offer a "blind dating" service, and can introduce your spayed or neutered rabbit with one of our bunnies looking for a home. The best and happiest combination is male and female for adult introductions, although if young enough, same sex pairings are possible.

We do this here at Bobtails in a large neutral pen, filled with interesting distractions, you would have to leave your rabbit here with us for at least 48 hours, sometimes a little longer to give the pair a chance to bond before returning to anyone's territory.

We can also pair up your Guinea Pigs, again on neutral territory, although usually it is not necessary to keep them here for quite so long.

If you would like to find out more please contact us or visit our website at

Bobtails' Address:
Jim and Delia Cordell,
44, Arundel Avenue
East Ewell
KT17 2RG
Tel: 020 8393 2016

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